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Getting Started

How to view all keyboard shortcuts?

How to create a new database schema?

How to load an old schemas?

How to load a ERDLab's Template?

How to publish schema as a template?

How to rename a schema?

How to send feedback or bug report to ERDLab's support team?

Database Designing | Notes

How do Undo/Redo changes?

How to add a note?

How to clone a note?

How to copy a note to another schema?

How to edit a note?

How to change the note color?

How to delete a note?

Database Designing | Tables

How to add a new table?

How to delete a table?

How to hide a table?

How to clone a table?

How to copy a table to another schema ?

How to change a table color?

How to import SQL script?


How to add a new field?

How to edit a field?

How to remove a field?

How to sort the field position?

How to create relationships between tables/fields?

How to change line types?

How to change a line color?

Export Options

How to export SQL script for MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Snowflake & SQLite?

How to export your diagram in a PNG image?

How to export your diagram in PDF?

How to create a public shareable link to your database diagram?

Code Editor

How to adjust ERDLab's editor width?

How to add a table with ERDLab's editor?

How to add fields with ERDLab's editor?

How to add a relation between two tables with ERDLab's editor?

View Options & Settings

How to hide or show the minimap?

How to hide or show the sidebar?

How to hide or show the grid?

How to sort tables and notes automatically?

How to zoom in/out?

Project Management

How to duplicate database schema?

How to delete a schema?

How to check and restore schema history?

Team Management & Sharing

How to invite other team members to your schema?

How to invite read-only members to your schema?

How to remove members from your schema?

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