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Enterprise Level Data Modeler

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Fast, Efficient & Reliable

Whether you are an individual contributor who prefers to write code or you are part of an enterprise team working on large & complex models, ERD Lab can transform your workflow.

Feature Rich

Everything you have ever wanted in your modeling tool, including;

Team Collaboration

Reverse Engineering

Forward Engineering

Multiple Tabs

Image/PDF Export


DB Conversion


Version Controls

One Click Sharing



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Powerful Visualization

Friendly UI packed with advanced visual features, including;

Advanced View Modes

Zoom in/out


Table & Line Colors

Schema Search


Object Color Coding

Made For Enterprise Users

Built efficiently enough to support huge databases without compromising the speed and reliability. Advanced permissions and team management features. Collaborative workspace with real time sharing and live chat between team members. Advanced security features and regular penetration testing to give you peace of mind regarding security.


What Users Say About Us


I can't believe how light and fast this tool is. Working with an aged laptop and 1449 tables later, it is still lightning fast. Simply outstanding!


I love the tabs. Working on multiple projects at same time and I absolutely love the ability to switch between them and even copy/paste objects from one project to another.


Faster than desktop modelers, this is on a new level. The ability to draw diagrams by just writing code with all the options to make my model visually appealing is very helpful. Allows me to work faster than ever before.

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