About ERD Lab

ERD Lab is a simple and intuitive entity relationship diagram tool which allows you to develop and visualize database schemas online in collaboration with your team. Saving you a lot of time in your development process.
ERD Lab started as a side project by a group of friends during the Covid-19 pandemic. We created ERD Lab to solve our own problems and challenges when the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to work remotely. When we shared it in online communities, the feedback we received encouraged us to continue developing further.

We continue our journey and share our work with everyone to use for free. We invite you to join us in this journey and request that you support us by

1) Trying ERD Lab and sharing your feedback with our team. We'd love to hear what you think and we are eager to develop new features. Email us at support@erdlab.io or engage with us on our Discourse forum at https://community.erdlab.io/
2) Spreading the word. If you found ERD Lab useful, we ask you to share it with others. Follow our twitter at https://twitter.com/ERDLab_io and please share it with your followers. If you write a blog, please share ERD Lab with your readers. Help others discover ERD Lab in any way you can!